Tuesday, July 21, 2015



What did you learn from this week's study?


This week's study let me know I must look within me to find and change my words to line up with God's Word. I must take responsibility for my words I speak.  Proverbs 18:20 says, there is death and life in the power of my words, WOW! I can be sure of God's Word, and it must be in my heart and mouth. This is one reason why I keep my mind on God's Word by studying every chance I get. I like this saying, "Faith says we believe, therefore we speak." I am aware of what I say now. I am caution and still praying that the Holy Spirit remind me before I speak. I truly believe the Word of God that says, "As believers, we have a right to decree a thing and have it come to pass (Job 22:28; Mark 11:23-24).  I have really got a revelation of this scripture (Mark 11:23-24), and I pray that God would help me to keep it. Believe me, I truly believe that it's not just healing, but my financial, and physical situations too.  Even my relationship with others I speak to the situation that comes between me and my employer, my sisters, my brother, my sons, or just friends.  I speak to these mountains now!  Why study and not apply it to your life? God help me! AMEN.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him

Casting All Your Care Upon Him
1 Peter 5:7

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