Friday, November 27, 2015


Exercise:         Week # 6         Walking in the Spirit today:


What did you do to know you were walking in the Spirit today?


Well, today was a great testing time. I left work to go for rest, realization, and restoration, which is much needed doing the kind of work I do. I arrived at the motel to rest, but the room was not ready, God gave me the strength to be patience until it was ready, but they moved me to another room, to my surprise, this room's air condition unit was not working. They moved me to another room, the third time; I got settle in, but the refrigeration was not working. God blessed me to walk in the Spirit with understanding in my heart, because things was not right due to a fire at the hotel earlier this week. I didn't know that. I was so tired! I got seattle in my room and God reminded me that this is the way He desired me to walk. We must walk in the Spirit daily. Amen.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him

Casting All Your Care Upon Him
1 Peter 5:7

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