Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekly Stay Focus:

 We can't out give God !! 

Giving to God prayerful praise is staying focus each and every day. "Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You: And let those who love Your salvation say continually, let God be magnified. You are my help and my deliverer." Psalm 70:4-5


Sometimes we approach God robotically, "Lord, please do this for me. Lord, please do that." We're convinced we'll be happy, if only God grants our wishes, like a genie in a bottle. We're going about this backward! We should start by praising God. Thank Him for life, health, and many answered prayers. Our joyous praise will remind us just how blessed we already are!  Then-out of genuine relationship-we make our requests known. This is staying focus on giving to God, even as we giving to others.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him

Casting All Your Care Upon Him
1 Peter 5:7

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