Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bible Study: A powerful devotion

October 30

What Kind of Witness Will You Be?

In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. —2 Corinthians 13:1

There are two different witnesses talking to us in every situation. On one side, there’s the witness of the problem. Problems speak loud and clear, whether it’s pain, symptoms, bad reports, depression, or fear. It says, “Man, you’re sick! You won’t make it. You’re defeated.” On the other side is the witness of God’s Word. It says, “By Jesus’ stripes, you were healed. (Isa. 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24.) Thanks be unto God who always gives you the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Cor. 2:14.) This is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith. (1 John 5:4.)” But notice, it takes two witnesses for any of those words to stand. The word establish means “to cause to stand.”1 So God said, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established, or be made to stand.” The devil is on one side. God is on the other. And you’re in the middle. The side you line up with becomes the side with the majority vote. If you line up with the problem, it’s established in your life, and there’s little God can do about it. However, if you choose to line up with God’s Word, you’re on your way to victory. How do you line up? The witness you believe and verbally agree with is the one that becomes established in your life.

Confession: With my mouth, I establish the Word in my life. God sent His Word and healed me. I believe I’m healed according to His Word.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him

Casting All Your Care Upon Him
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