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1).     How often do you pray?

Let me answer this question by saying, I have learn to pray wherever I am. My most effective prayers are in my car and in bed.

2).    How do you pray? (What is your outline?)

I learn this pattern to pray some years ago, but I have to keep reminding myself to follow the pattern.  I do enter into His gate with thanksgiving, and when I sense I have entered His court, my Lord, I begin to praise Him for allowing me to come. Glory to God!

a). Does your sequence of prayer mirror the Lord's Prayer?

I am learning continuously.

b). How is it different?

Now, not so much different, but must continue it

c). How can you change your prayer structure to be more like Christ's example for prayer?

I believe to be led by the Holy Spirit

3).    How often do you pray the Lord's Prayer on your own (excluding during a worship service)?

I pray this prayer every morning, been doing so for years now. I believe it's OK, but not be the only way I pray.

4).    Why do you think that many believers do not follow the Lord's Prayer in their personal devotions?

I am not sure, but maybe there are not praying at all. Maybe they have not been taught to pray this prayers, then pray according to the pattern Jesus was teaching.

a). Why is prayer important?

It's important because it is the way we communicate with God our Father.

b). What happens to us when we neglect to pray?

I believe, speaking from experience that it block our communication with  God.

5).    Read Matthew 6:7-8.

a). What are "vain repetitions"? "for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking."

This is when a person prays over and over and over again the same words; I learn it not what God intended.


b). Do you ever find yourself repeating the same prayer over and over without any real meaning behind the words?

I use to pray that way, but not anymore.

c). Why do the heathen repeat over and over?

I believe they are trying to please man and not God; and, some were taught that way, as I was.

d). Do your prayers ever compare to those of the heathen or the hypocrites?

Not anymore!!!

6).    Where do you pray most frequently?

a). How comfortable are you in leading public prayers in a group?

I am comfortable, especially when I allow the Holy Spirit to pray through me. It was very difficult, but I learn to give to give into the Holy Spirit leading and give God the glory for what He did through me.

b). How comfortable are you in your private prayers, expressing your most personal needs to God?

This is another one I had to learn, and now it is so rewarding to just trust Him to be in His presence and share everything with Him. He knows anyway!!

c). Why is there pressure to sound "religious" when praying in public?

There shouldn't be pressure when praying in public if led by the Holy Spirit of God in a group for a specific reason.  Peter and John healed a man in public when they were going to the Temple to pray. (Acts 3:1-10).

d). When praying in public, what is your focus if you are concerned about how you sound to others?

I believe it is focus on self, and that should not be.

7).  What is the most basic definition for prayer?

The most basic definition for prayer is talking with God

8). Explain how prayer can be presented to God.

Prayer can be audible or silent, can be private or public, formal or informal, but all prayer must be offered in faith.

9). To the best of your knowledge explain (Romans 8:26).

I believe this is intercessory prayer through the Holy Spirit

10). How often should we pray?

Jesus prayed all night sometimes, and it is good, and we can pray as led by the Holy Spirit when we are interceding for others.

11). When we pray what should be our focus?

I truly believe our focus should be to honor and glorify God in our relationship with Him, and for God's will to be done in us as it is in heaven.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him
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