Saturday, November 19, 2016


Week # 7:    Scripture Reading:  Luke 17


When the one leper came back to thank Jesus, what did Christ say? (Luke 17:17)


The answer:

A). “Were not all ten cleansed?



Week # 7:    According to this study: Questions


1).        What did Jesus means when He said, “I will”?

From my understanding of my Saviors’ nature, He meant, “It is God’s will to heal you when you need healing in your body.” It means yes! It means He was expressing His desire to do something good about the man’s situation.  I like this one! He was demonstrating His love for that man.

2).        Look at Matthew 8:2, 3; what do you think it means “he worshipped Him”?

He gave Jesus reverence, honor, glory, praise and he exalted the Lord highly; he also believed in Him and believed in His Words (Matthew 9:18; 15:25).

3).        What was one of Jesus’ purposes for His coming to earth?

His purpose for coming to earth was to destroy all the works of the devil (1 John 3:8), including sickness and disease.

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Casting All Your Care Upon Him

Casting All Your Care Upon Him
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